Maps and dates in drupal and a chapter on clutter

Today I reviewed some drupal modules for a) mapping and other means of collecting and displaying geospatial data and b) inputting and displaying date and time information. I will probably do some experiments with both on this site soon, but you may not see those experiments.

I've been trying to read a chapter of On Writing Well by the recently departed William Zinsser everyday. I had meant to read the book for a long time, and his death finally gave me the push I needed. So far, I'm getting a lot out of it, and it is a pleasure to read.

Today's chapter was on clutter. Eliminating clutter and extended asides from my writing would greatly improve it. I'll try to keep that in mind. Since this is a blog, i generally don't go back and edit unless I discover an error. Just keeping clutter in mind as I write this has made it a lot tighter. I'll be curious to read this tomorrow and try to identify clutter that snuck in anyway. If you see any, tell me about it.