running rsync over ssh with key-based authentication in Launchd

I wrote a shell script to run on my mac, rsync (over ssh with key-based authentication) over a bunch of content, check that the content that came over is a recent copy, and then do various things based on the new data. When I ran the script on my own it executed perfectly, but when I ran it scheduled through launchd it failed. Even more puzzling was that triggering it to run directly via launchd through LaunchControl would cause it to run correctly.

Maps and dates in drupal and a chapter on clutter

Today I reviewed some drupal modules for a) mapping and other means of collecting and displaying geospatial data and b) inputting and displaying date and time information. I will probably do some experiments with both on this site soon, but you may not see those experiments.

I've been trying to read a chapter of On Writing Well by the recently departed William Zinsser everyday. I had meant to read the book for a long time, and his death finally gave me the push I needed. So far, I'm getting a lot out of it, and it is a pleasure to read.

SVGs seem to have arrived!

Today something in my feed was about .svg (Scalable Vector Graphics). Over the years, I've periodically gotten excited about .svg, and started out to investigate how I can use it. Every time I've ended up disappointed, usually by browser support, until now. It seems like browser support for SVGs now is pretty great, and no that we have media queries, the set of things that can be easily done with it has gotten a lot bigger. I'm excited to try out vector graphics that adjust themselves in useful ways as the viewport grows! Thanks CSS Tricks!

Revisiting Drupal

As I build this site, I'm running through all the menus and settings in core drupal. This article is the first I create for the site.


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